• MI FAKHAR Department of Land and Water Conservation Engineering, PMAS Arid Agricultural University, Rawalpindi 46000, Pakistan
  • MN KHALID Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan



precision agriculture, remote sensing, irrigation management, sustainable farming


Precision agriculture, driven by the growing demand for sustainable farming practices, relies heavily on technologies such as remote sensing. Despite its critical role, a comprehensive review of remote sensing within the context of precision agriculture remains sparse. This paper aims to bridge this gap by providing a thorough overview of remote sensing technologies, their applications, challenges, future trends, and potential impact on precision agriculture. Employing a literature review methodology, we analyzed key studies to comprehend precision agriculture's evolution and remote sensing technologies' significant role. Our examination encompassed various remote sensing applications, from crop health monitoring to yield estimation, soil mapping, irrigation management, and pest and disease detection. We also evaluated emerging trends and identified challenges such as the need for high-resolution data, atmospheric disturbances, and requisite technical expertise for effective data interpretation. Despite these challenges, the review underscores the transformative potential of remote sensing technologies in advancing precision agriculture. Future research should prioritize addressing these challenges and strive to make these technologies more accessible and affordable. Moreover, integrating remote sensing with artificial intelligence and machine learning in interdisciplinary research could further bolster the efficacy and potential of precision agriculture.


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